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Several types of ants are common in Medina, Stark, Summit, and Wayne Counties in Ohio. If you live in any of these counties, you have probably had problems with ants coming into your home. Ants not only look disgusting when they trail across your floors, walls, and kitchen counters, but some types of ants can also cause extensive damage to your home.

Many people try to get rid of ants by themselves. Unfortunately, that doesn't always work because ants can avoid the products that do-it-yourself homeowners use. For a real solution, you need to bring in the pest prevention professionals.

Here at Accel Pest & Termite Control, we have the right tools for the job. Our Akron ant control team members have extensive training and experience. We know how to quickly clear your home of ant invaders. The first thing we do is identify the type of ant you have in your home.

Here are some of the ants you may often encounter in Ohio:

  • Carpenter ants are the largest type of ant found in Ohio, and they cause the most problems. Contrary to popular belief, carpenter ants don't actually eat wood the way termites do. They do, however, chew through the wood in people's homes to clear out spaces where they can build their nests. This chewing can cause expensive structural damage to your home. If you have a carpenter ant problem, it's important to deal with it quickly. The longer you wait, the more damage the ants can cause and the higher your repair bills will soar.
  • House ants are always looking for food, especially sweet food. They live in ant colonies, which send out scouts to search for food. When the ant scouts are successful in their quest, they return to their colonies, leaving a trail behind them back to the food so that the rest of the colony can find it. If you see a few ants in or near your house, they could be scouts, and large numbers of ants from their colony may soon join them. These ants don't bite, but their large invasions are disgusting and can contaminate your food.
  • Pavement ants are common in Ohio. They often have nests outside and then enter homes to look for food. They eat a variety of food, including meat. Like the odorous house ants, pavement ants create trails so that the other ants in their colony can find the food. The result can be a big ant invasion in your home. To control pavement ants, you have to destroy their nests, which can be hard to find. Hiring trained and skilled pest control professionals is the best way to control a pavement ant invasion.

How to Get Started

If you have an ant invasion in your home or commercial space, don't wait! The sooner you deal with it, the more problems you will prevent. Call Accel Pest & Termite Control and we will be glad to answer your questions and explain how the process works. Our trained professionals will identify the type of ants that have invaded your home and create a plan to defeat them. We are dedicated to doing a fantastic job so that you can get the most enjoyment out of your home. Based in Canal Fulton, we proudly serve customers throughout Northeast Ohio, including Akron, Canton, Cuyahoga Falls, and surrounding cities.

Reach out to our team today to learn more about our Akron ant control services. We back our services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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